Saturday, 28 April 2012

Transformer Prime - cracked screen issues?


I'm an Asus Transformer Prime owner who has concerns over the Prime's screen thanks to a thread which is growing at XDA Developers.

I'm creating this blog to log each individual cracked screen case and the posters claim over the cracked screen.

I love my Transformer Prime, despite the confirmed shortcomings (I'm looking at you GPS dongle! :)) but with each new case posted at XDA I am growing increasingly concerned I will one day open my Prime to find a dreaded clean crack across the screen.

Each case will be posted on a separate blog post and all credits go to the XDA members who have taken their time to contribute to the thread and tell the forum what exactly has happened in each instance.


  1. Mine Cracked just a little while ago. Still battling with asus to try and get this fixed. Spontaneous crack that started on the right side of the screen and spread accross it and now the screen doesnt even work any more

  2. My Screen cracked from top left to bottom left about 1 week after purchase. I could live with that, but then just a little while ago, another crack appeared from top right to bottom left. I have not dropped or pressured the screen whatsoever - it just appeared after opening the tablet from the keyboard. Very disappointing ASUS!

  3. I'm having the same problem. I have never dropped, or other wise abused my Prime tablet,yet I have a feeling that they are going to somehow blame me instead of the Dam keyboard dock. i mailed it back Monday, so I should be hearing from them soon

  4. Hello All,

    I've had the same issue as you guys, it only didn't happen overnight: i noticed the crack one evening as i was in bed and my wife was handling it, thought it was a hair, only to see a nice crack from the top right to bottom left corner. We have only used it as a laptop, dock and screen together, and i suppose it happened when holding the screen with one hand whilst folding it open with the other hand on the dock.

    asus tf201 64gb, champagne, delivered 31st jan 2012, azerty dock

  5. Had my Prime for less than a month and its just spontaneously developed a crack in the top right hand corner. Thought I could live with it but after a couple of hours its already driving me crazy.